EZ Clinic

EZ Clinic

Easy Management with Friendly Cost

In Vietnam, clinics and small hospitals’ managers are having a problem in improving service quality along with saving time and minimizing operating costs.

Patients spend a lot of time waiting while the doctor’s time is not optimized
Staffs are not working with a high productivity. In addition, there is a risk of errors due to the use of traditional manual methods in the service process and operation at clinics and hospitals
The report system can not keeptrack closely the quality and business activity of the clinics, the hospitals so that it could not meet the demand of everday management of the director

Ez Clinic is a market-leading clinics and hospitals managing software which offer with a full range of smart features that keep track of all your clinics and hospitals’ operating needs quickly and conveniently. .

To illustrate the operation of EZ Clinic

Why EZ Clinic deserve

To be the strategic choise of clinics

Just 5 minutes for setting. Free maintenance

Using cloud computing platform

Online consultation. Examine and prescribe from distance

Notice the doctor about drugs when prescription

Suitable for a range kind of clinics and hospitals

Manage medical reports under the HL7, PACS Standard