Bring high quality health services to everyone.

Core value and mission

For all of us, health is always the most precious thing. However, the chance to have quality health services does not seem to be shared equally among all. With that, the Ecomedic team pursues its wwith core values: "Bring healthcare to everyone".

Ecomedic's team is dedicated to build the largest intelligent medical community in Vietnam by applying the latest advances in science and technology, improving the quality of health care for the Vietnamese..

Ecomedic understands that to make a breakthrough in health care is not an instant thing. But Ecomedic believes that the companionship, sharing and connection of all of you is a great motive for us to carry out this mission.

Growth through the numbers

We gather more than 100 elite employees, working with more than 32 suppliers of health-related products and services to help complete the final task that is offer a perfect solution in the Health care for all patients.

Network of clinics

We build a medical community that caters for more than 2,000 clinics and network clinics to create the unprecedented scale.

Why you should choose Ecomedic ecosystem

  • Health care community
  • Superior product features
  • Dominate with different values
  • Easy to deploy on a large scale
  • Cloud computing system
  • Sign in anytime, anywhere
  • Integrated with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Continuous operation system
  • Support 24/7